In Your Words

I had the pleasure of meeting Ryan about four years ago. From day one, I have been impressed with his enthusiasm for our community, his passion for our schools and its students, and his unselfish nature to do anything for anyone. Ryan has an incredible drive and work ethic, and would truly put the needs of our community and its citizens above his own. He is a very down-to-earth individual with a heart of gold. I believe he has the passion and the dedication to help lead our great city into its very bright future.

Scott Blum

I’ve known Ryan for 10 years and here are a couple of things I appreciate about him.  He is dedicated to serving the Grimes community and has proven it by being involved.  He’s always thinking of ways to make improvements in whatever he is involved in.  He’s generous and shows it by giving his time and resources to his church and his community.

Jason Friesen

I have known Ryan and his family for more than 10 years, and I have always admired his involvement and his commitment to the City and to the DCG school district.  Ryan goes out of his way to help others and get things done.

Craig Patterson